Excellence Cluster "Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage" approved


A team of researchers succeeded in the FWF's internationally competitive programme with its ambitious project to create new technologies for efficient energy conversion and storage.

In a cooperation between the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology, IST Austria and the University of Innsbruck, researchers, including Georg Kresse from the Faculty of Physics, will work over the next five years to create new technologies for efficient energy conversion and storage in order to pave the way for a society without fossil fuels. The storage of renewable energies in recyclable energy carriers is crucial here: water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen, CO2 can even be converted into valuable products - all the way to climate-neutral substitutes for natural gas and crude oil.

Georg Kresse, head of the Computational Materials Physics research group, will - together with a colleague from TU Wien - lead the modelling and theory pillars of the Cluster of Excellence. The goal is to develop a set of precise quantum mechanical modelling tools to better understand and optimise the materials we need for the transition to a circular energy economy. His own research group will focus mainly on developing high-precision quantum mechanical methods for handling charge carriers in materials and accelerating these methods through machine learning.