Polarons in Materials


The enormous amount of data and knowlede accumulated on polaron effects in materials is shown in an "Nature" article by Cesare Francchini and Michele Reticcioli in collaboration with Martin Setvin and Ulrike Diebold from TU Wien. The review covers early studies and standard treatments to emerging experimental techniques and novel theoretical and computational approaches.


Polarons are quasiparticles that easily form in polarizable materials due to the coupling of excess electrons or holes with ionic vibrations. These quasiparticles manifest themselves in many different ways and have a profound impact on materials properties and functionalities. Polarons have been the testing ground for the development of numerous theories, and their manifestations have been studied by many different experimental probes. 
The work is published in Nature Review Materials:

"Polarons in materials"
Cesare Franchini, Michele Reticcioli, Martin Setvin and Ulrike Diebold
Nature Review Materials, 10.1038/s41578-021-00289-w