Honorary doctorate


Our group speaker Georg Kresse receives an honorary doctorate, the highest scientific award, from the Swedish University of Lund in June.

Lund University is the highest ranked university in Sweden and is also consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities. 

Kresse is world leading in theoretical solid state and in computational materials physics. He is best known for having developed VASP (Vienna Ab-initio simulation package) that is currently the internationally most widely used program for quantum mechanical simulations of condensed matter and has currently more than 15000 users. The accuracy of the VASP package and its broad applicability have been confirmed in collaboration with research groups around the world, including Lund University.

Thanks to his work, theoretical methods are now a matter of course in the design and interpretation of experiments. By studying a material system theoretically first the practical application of the theory to real materials is now possible.

Kresse’s work on ab initio density functional theory has contributed significantly to basic and applied research and has promoted the application of DFT worldwide. He has obtained numerous awards, has an extensive publication list, and is cited more than 300 000 times.