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Minkowski MS, Hummer K, Dellago C. Neural Network-Based Study of Point Defect Diffusion in Lead Telluride and Cadmium Telluride. 2019. Poster session presented at Molecular and materials simulation at the turn of the decade: Celebrating 50 years of CECAM
, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Baimuratov AS, Martynenko I, Baranov A, Fedorov A, Rukhlenko ID, Kruchinin SY. Giant Stokes Shifts in AgInS2 Nanocrystals with Trapped Charge Carriers. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2019 Jul 4;123(26):16430-16438.

Wende F, Marsman M, Kim J, Vasilev F, Zhao Z, Steinke T. OpenMP in VASP: Threading and SIMD. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. 2019 Jun 15;119(12). e25851.


Showing entries 0 - 20 out of 573