New university assistant


We warmly welcome Sylwia Gutowska in our Group.

Sylwia comes from Poland where she did her Master and PhD studies at the AGH University of Krakow at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics. She hold the position of an research and teaching assistant and defended her doctoral thesis in spring 2023.

Her work was focused on physical properties of superconductors containing heavy elements. It was based on ab initio calculations of electronic and phonon structure, electron-phonon interaction and superconducting gap, performed with help of density functional theory (DFT) packages: Quantum Espresso, WIEN2k, eDMFT, RCPA (KKR-CPA method) and VASP.
Sylwia supports Georg as a university assistant, works in research and is involved in teaching. Her research focus is on superconductivity of high entropy alloys and search for atomic clusters, with help of machine learning force field implemented in VASP.